"The Most Pressing Business Challenge: Making Success Sustainable" Audio Assignment

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Go for a run, spend some time meditating, or engage in some other action to free up your mind and gain clarity. Then answer this question: Which of the following key elements of Sustainable Success are currently most lacking in your business and lifestyle? (Rank them in order with the most lacking element first.) *
  • Wealth Generation
  • Peace of Mind
  • Fun
  • Team Harmony & Productivity
  • Contribution
  • Other (specify below)
  • Time Freedom

If you ranked "Other" among the top 6 options above, indicate that key lacking area below:

How are your top-two primary Sustainable-Success challenges (from above) manifesting in your company or personal life? What are the biggest consequences? *

What is the #1 thing that needs to change in order for you to experience a sustainable-success breakthrough? Go as deep as you can and be as specific as possible to better initiate true change. *

What one step will you take starting right now to move closer to liberation and living your best life? *

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